Hi everyone, hope all is well! 

About me:

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I’m a totally normal girl, in my 20’s and I have some interesting and useful things to share with you (I hope so, at least there will be some tasty food in here). I love good food, travel, DIYs, tips & tricks and I blog all about it! I’m from Portugal, a small but beautiful European country.


Sometimes simple things can really help to make your day a little better, at least that’s what I think. I created this blog to share things like, yummy food, useful tips or even travel experiences and hopefully make your day a little brighter!



DIY & Lifestyle: Cute and useful DIY’s to make your life easier and to have a little fun! Useful tips and advice, about several things that happen in life. Basically my opinion about various subjects!

Eating & Drinking: Tasty and easy recipes that you can make in your everyday life, some tips and tricks that I use while cooking!

Travel Stories: My travel experiences, beautiful places, and travel tips.